Leaving Lyon

Hello curious !

Well, it’s 50 days since my sabbatical began and the first post of this blog is written only now .. I’m taking advantage of a one-day stop in Singapore to write this article, yet it’s not like I have nothing to do here between cinema, junk food, stores and bicycles to charge your phone 🙂

This first ticket comes so late because, instead of what I thought, these first 50 days were very busy. All the events from December 23th to 29th were not a pleasure, except for the moment when I was able to see my goddaughter for the first time during a break in the Cevennes on the weekend of Christmas. 3 hours drive on Saturday and again 3 hours drive on Sunday to return to what remained of my flat. On monday I had to empty the few small things like a fridge, a washing machine, a dishwasher and other small trinkets like this… Tuesday and Wednesday were for painting and housekeeping! Hell yeah, when you decide to go to the other side of the world like a crazy guy, minimum is to make sure to recover your deposit. And I would learn at the end of January that these efforts will not have been in vain, yet the inventory was not simple, the nice little girl who came to check made me wash the doors in front of her … bitch!

On Thursday morning departure at 6am, my little car full to make a removal man pale. I think half of what was left in my apartment came in. Well, I got a bit of oil on the towels and a vacuum cleaner that was suicidal at each opening of the left rear door. The really cool thing with a leaving like this, at this time in the middle of the winter, is the driving trip on ice that follows. Because for the sake of economy, I preferred to cross France by activating the function “avoid tolls” on Waze. So that gives me a dream route, a crossing of Berry by villages like Nohant-Vic (fief of Georges Sand), Clion or even Fléré-la-rivière. A break in the Touraine at my grandmother’s and then a return to Brittany, in Chateaulin, in the tip of Finistere. After these efforts, my first reward was offered to me by our awaking star offering magnificent lights over rugged Auvergne landscapes

One of the most beautiful images that I keep is the diving in a sea of ​​clouds that followed the climb of a pass whose name I forgot. After that, the sun left me for 2 hours of fog, a way for my adopted region to say goodbye.

Hoping that at the office, everything goes well for you 😉

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